Video Production

Professional Video ProductionVideo is quickly becoming today’s choice for media consumption.  Having engaging, rich, well produced video content is no longer a luxury only for large companies, it is becoming a must for all companies no matter what your industry or reach.  Video is great for live events, training, music productions, advertising, announcements, and meetings.  Having content that looks good, sounds good, and is easy to access is the key to successful media.

When Walnut Creek Productions works on a project we utilize the talents of our engineers in all our departments.  We use our great audio engineers to give your video the best sound, we use our lighting techs to make sure everything is well and evenly lit, our video producers, directors, and camera operators ensure that your vision is portrayed throughout the production process.   After capture, the media is processed by our studio engineers who take the great raw materials and turn it into a finished, optimized, ready to publish product.

Live Audio/Video Streaming – Make your event international by allowing anyone with an internet connection to virtually attend.   Event travel can break the budget of any event, why not let your far flung employees and customers feel like they are at an event while never leaving their den.  Multiple cameras, great microphones and cutting edge back end processing equipment is combined to bring a high quality, professionally produced video that is encoded and optimized for live streaming to just about any web browser on about any device.  These live streams can be archived for after the fact playback on your website so those who could not attend the live event can retrieve the content anytime they want!