Event Sound & Lighting

Muncie Gras 2012

Event Audio – No matter the size or scale of your event, the last thing you should have to do is worry about your sound and lighting production.  Having clear sound and a well lit environment is a detail that is sometimes overlooked.

Whether you need production for a single presenter, business meeting, theatrical production, DJ, instrumentalist, or full band we have a production package that fits your needs and your budget.

Remember when picking your production company that isn’t always about having the best equipment, but it’s more about having great engineers that know their system and act in a professional manner.  We employ the best engineers in the area who strive to produce great shows no matter the scale.

Lighting – What good is an amazing sounding show if you can’t see or watch the performers?  Having bright, even and dynamic lighting is the difference between an amateur show and a professional production.  Event lighting consists of a combination of different lighting techniques and technologies including, stage wash, intelligent fixtures, crowd blinders, follow spots, ellipsoidals, LEDs, monogram/gobo/logo projection, uplighting, trussing, skrims and programming.  We know how to put all of these technologies together to make a seamless experience for you and your event attendees.

Event Audio Capture – Having a recorded copy of your live event is beneficial for rebroadcast later to far flung employees and customers who couldn’t make the live event.   Capturing can also be helpful to musicians playing on stage.  Our live recording system records each microphone/input separately for mixdown at a later time in a production studio.  Once produced, these recording can be made into CDs, MP3s, or Internet streams.